A Poem by Kamala Das

All round me are words, and words and words,

They grow on me like leaves, they never

Seem to stop their slow growing

From within….But I tell myself, words

Are a nuisance, beware of them, they

Can be so many things, a

Chasm where running feet must pause, to

Look, a sea with paralysing waves,

A blast of burning air or,

A knife most willing to cut your best

Friend’s throat…Words are a nuisance, but

They grow on me like leaves on a tree,

They never seem to stop their coming

From a silence, somewhere deep within….

P.S. Kamala Das/ Kamala Suraiyya/ Madhavikutty is one of India’s most celebrated writers and  a writer par excellence even in the international scenario. Her poetry is often termed as “confessional” as she employs the  “personal” mode in most of her writings. A must-read writer for literature enthusiasts and students 🙂


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